FIS AMBIT Risk & Performance Suite

FIS’ Ambit Risk and Performance Management suite of solutions gives you a centralized view of risk, liquidity, capital and profitability across the enterprise so that you can be prudent in your decision making yet strategic for maximized returns. Ambit Risk and Performance Management offers modular solutions for asset liability and market risk management, liquidity risk management, regulatory compliance and economic capital management, operational risk management and credit risk management. For more information, visit (

Source: (FISGLOBAL Website)

FIS’ risk solutions cover collateral management, liquidity, asset and liability management, market and credit risk and capital management. As a complete solution suite that supports a firms end to end risk management requirements, these solutions help aggregate risk data, set the risk appetite and forecast enterprise-wide risk activities and performance. This helps firms better understand and forecast regulatory impacts on funding, trading and asset allocation across all risk classes to lower total cost of ownership and drive competitive performance from compliance. For more information, please visit (

    Solution provides the following benefits:
  • • Fully integrated ALM and liquidity risk management, empowering risk measurement across different departments
  • • Best-of-breed ALM Solution, enabling banks to take risk management beyond compliance and focus on performance
  • • Modular platform, allowing combinations of out-of-the box solutions for:
  • – ALM – Stochastic ALM
  • – Liquidity risk – Market risk
  • – Hedge Accounting
  • – IFRS 9 Impairment and Credit Adjusted ALM
  • – Funds transfer pricing
  • • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • • Multi-dimensional planning and reporting

    RMA’s Contributions:

  • • Project Management
  • • Implementation (Integration, DataMart, ETL and Reporting)
  • • Post Implementation Management