FIS System Integration

We have many years of experience in integrating business systems for a variety of Financial Institutions. We can work with existing system interfaces where they exist or develop integration solutions from scratch using some of the latest tools and technologies.

As a system integrator, it is our goal to design, integrate, test and support the interfaces, data acquisition, and automation solutions for our valued clients. We are having an expertise in business consulting, process design work, interface development and the application of technologies to business. Our consultants offer unique perspectives on addressing the pain points to conceive and deliver world-class Integrated business and technology solutions that enable our clients to achieve high performance businesses. We have experience with several reputed BFSI Solution providers for localization and integration of solution with your existing legacy system.

We have relevant track record and expertise in doing integration for FIS products such as Quantum, QRisk, AvantGard, Bancware ALM, Focus ALM and Integrity. We have also expertise in integration of OMNIEnterprise Suite from Infrasoft Technologies. We have integrated the above systems with third party systems such as Silverlake, Flexcube, Alltel and Oracle Financial etc. We have also expertise in integration with FPX (Financial Processing Exchange) Payment Gateway for B2C and B2B financial transactions. The list keeps on increasing and so is our expertise and confidence in doing complexed integration job for Conventional & Islamic Financial Institutions

We have the people, processes, tools and partners to support you through the integration and implementation process. Our local and onsite support will ensure end to end integration with smooth transition and post implementation support to ensure the system uptime and availability.