OmniData: Basel III Liquidity, ALM & Risk Data Mart

RM Application has extensive experience and capabilities in building mini risk data mart comprising of Extraction, Transformation & Load utility. We develop specialized data mart for Basel III Liquidity, Asset Liability Management, Risk Management & Basel II solutions. We work closely with financial institutions and Risk Management Solution provider to develop the data mart. Our knowledge in the area of risk data mart enables the bank to address the data issue i.e. extracting from various source system and then apply the conversion logic to transform the data needed by risk management solution for risk computation and reporting purpose.

We incorporate various validation features and real-time check mechanism to ensure the quality of the data delivered. We understand that 'Garbage In is Garbage Out', hence various checks are incorporated at source level to ensure and maintain the data integrity. The Mini Risk Data Mart provides a flexible rule based language through which client data is prepared for the calculation process.This framework ensures the consistent application of regulatory rules, data aggregation and integrity checks prior to executing any Capital, Liquidity and Reporting value calculations. New rules can be appended to this framework and existing rules can be easily modified to ensure that both local regulatory and customer specific reporting requirements can be met. The key solution features are:

  • Data Extraction from Multiple Data Source Points
  • Data Extraction in Multiple Formats
  • Excel Based Look up for Data Normalization
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Exception Management
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Data Transformation based on Business Rules and to Fill Data Gaps
  • Email Alerts on Data File Integrity Mismatch
  • Data Stamping for Insured / Uninsured, Account Types (Transactional / Non Transactional Risk Weight), Basel II Risk Weight Stamping, Rating Stamping, Counterparty Classification as per Regulatory Body definition for SMEs etc.
  • Comprehensive Data Mapping & Transformation Documentationn
  • Flexible MIS reports