Mobile Banking & Payments

MBanking is a full function mobile banking solution from Moadbus ( that can operate on a wide range of handsets. With its strong configuration and personalization features, MBanking provides nparalleled ease-of-use for end-users, thus reducing support calls to the financial institution's helpdesk or call centre.

The solution's powerful security results from both multi-factor authentication and multiple security levels and leverages the company's proprietary 128 bit AES encryption algorithms, Vasco's DIGIPASS or equivalent, as well as a Message Authentication Code, or transaction signature.

MBanking is capable of operating with the lowest-cost "disposable" mobile phones to state-of-the-art SmartPhones through one or more of its five modes of operation:

  • Simple SMS
  • Encrypted, Secure SMS
  • Browser-Based
  • Downloadable Application
  • SIM-card Based Application

The solution may be fully white-labelled by the bank to ensure consistent branding across all delivery channels