Ambit Liquidity Risk Management provides banks with an integrated, 360-degree view of their balance sheet, enabling them to factor the constraints and costs of liquidity regulation into every aspect of balance sheet management, in both the short and long term.

Source: (FISGLOBAL Website)

Ambit Liquidity Risk Management helps banks build up a liquidity risk management infrastructure on an operative as well as a strategic level, going beyond “minimum” regulatory requirements. Helping optimize operations to reduce costs, it provides a comprehensive solution to recently published regulatory requirements including the liquidity ratios mandated by Basel III as well as the additional monitoring tools required by the regulator. Through the solution, banks can demonstrate they meet regulatory liquidity requirements by making sure they hold a sufficient cushion of highly liquid assets across both entities and currencies, and manage sources of collateral in ways that help generate revenue. The integrated calculation and projection of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable funding ratio (NSFR) allows validating both ad-hoc requests as well as longer term business strategies in respect to regulatory compliance.

The solution is architected and designed to provide unmatched advantages not only in functionality but also through a rapid deployment methodology for quick compliance to regulatory timelines. The system is highly configurable in approach enabling compliance officers to effectively evolve with changing regulations. This is other than being an intelligent product which segregates suspicious transactions from a large collection of transactions, customer profiles and beneficiaries across the institution.

Ambit Liquidity Risk Management provides an integrated balance sheet risk management solution for full and multidimensional analysis of the balance sheet. It allows banks to easily and accurately model the evolution of the balance sheet by modelling customer behaviour, business strategy, interest rate scenarios and a wide range of other variables. Delivering configurable models through scalable processing technology, the solution facilitates risk profile evaluation and proactive strategies, optimizing the bank’s risk/return trade-off, while ensuring that regulatory standards are met.

    RMA’s Contributions:

  • • Project Management
  • • Implementation (Integration, DataMart, ETL and Reporting)
  • • Post Implementation Management